Mars Express 3D

Mars Express 3D - English version



Here are some pictures from Beagle 2 and Mars Express 3D universes, as they appear in an Internet browser window.
The first two ones present the interactive models window.
The following three are different views of the spacecraft cruise.
The sixth and seventh are screenshots from Beagle 2 landing phases simulation.
The last one shows an astronomical phenomenon from an original viewpoint...

Mars Express 3D - 3D model 1.Mars Express Beagle 2-3D - 3D model 2.Beagle 2
Mars express 3D - Objects orbits 3.Objects orbits
Mars Express 3D - The Earth 4.A look to Earth Mars Express 3D - Mars 5.Mars approach
Beagle 2-3D - Isidis Planitia 6.Isidis Planitia Beagle 2-3D - Landing 7.Beagle 2 descent
Mars Express 3D - Mars-Earth close encounter 8.Earth-Mars close encounter, seen
...from MARS
Click on small pictures to open a larger one.
  Disproportions between planetsí size and distances are explained in warnings.  
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